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Together, we’re turning the tide against addiction, finding strength in faith, and rediscovering life’s purpose.

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As a pastor at Brookside Church in Middletown,VA, director of Shenandoah Valley Adult Teen Challenge Virginia and the voice behind ‘Rebuilding Life Podcast,’ I’m here to help you find your purpose beyond addiction. I’ve walked this road myself, going from addiction to a life dedicated to helping others. It’s been an amazing journey, showing me how powerful Jesus’ love can be. My goal is simple: to help you turn your tough times into milestones. I’m not just a pastor; I’m a husband, a dad to four wonderful girls, and someone who’s right there with you on this journey. Let’s tackle life’s ups and downs together and discover the joy and purpose waiting for us. We’re in this together, moving towards a future full of hope and meaning.


Rebuilding Life with Justin Franich

On the podcast, I share powerful stories of people bouncing back and explore how finding your true purpose can transform your recovery journey. I’m here to share not just bits from my life but also the incredible stories of people who’ve turned their whole world around.
Podcast Highlights
In this episode, Ashley opens up about her personal experience of hearing God’s call to ministry and how saying “yes” to God has shaped their lives and marriage.
In this deeply moving interview, we sit down with Mark B. Hubble, a man whose life took an unexpected turn when he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.
In this episode we are joined by @AaronJDaigle as he shares his journey out of addiction and how he has maintained a life of freedom for almost two decades.

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Let's Discover Purpose Together

Join me on a meaningful journey where we explore paths to healing and purpose. Whether through my podcast, at Brookside Church, in transformative programs, or at inspiring speaking events, there’s a place here for you. We’re in this together, finding strength and hope in every step. Let’s start this journey and see where it takes us.

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